Construction services to complete the project you want

Professional work and equipment

Are you building a new home site? Do you need a path built for a site or a pad built for a new home? Or a road built or have a drainage problem? Professionals from Splawn Sales are available to help you with your outdoor projects.

Filling and clearing

Professionals from Splawn Sales will help you clear an area, or fill in an area with dirt, and can even leave the dirt if you want to do it yourself.

Construction work

  • Clearing
  • Site preparation
  • Driveway/home path installation
  • Demolition
  • Excavation

All kinds of lawn and yard services

If you need a project finished, delivery services are available for all products, such as decomposed granite and soil, and organic products are available for purchase.

Professional construction services to finish your yard projects, from filling to clearing.

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