Sand & Gravel For Sale In Athens, TX

Splawn Sales offers over 30 varieties of gravel and sand available in bulk and by the yard. We’ve curated our selection of bulk sand and gravel to include the most popular varieties, including river rock, crushed granite, creek rock, and crushed marble chips.

We’ve ensured that we have a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes for your landscaping needs. If you’re looking for bulk gravel in the Tyler area, take some time to view our online catalog or stop by Splawn Sales to view our inventory.

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Bulk Gravel In Athens, tx

Whether you’re looking to use gravel for walkways on your property or you need gravel to protect the root structure of your plants, Splawn Sales has a variety of colors, sizes, and styles available for your next project.

Texas summers can be devastating to some of your more temperamental plants. Covering your beds in gravel can help prevent water from evaporating as quickly. Of course, gravel can also be ornamental or used for walkways and paths.

It’s an incredibly valuable resource, and Splawn Sales will be able to help you find the perfect gravel for your project, whatever it may be.

Bulk Sand In Athens, tx

Splawn Sales offers a variety of bulk sand for sale in the Tyler area. Our inventory includes everything from masonry sand to fine beach sand. We also offer fill dirt and other construction necessities. If you need sand and dirt for fill work or decoration, we can oblige.

Our sand and dirt come in bulk or by the yard and we’re available to help you decide which sand is going to best suit your project’s needs. Visit our storefront or click below to view our selection of bulk items available.

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Splawn Sales offers delivery of gravel and sand throughout East Texas. If you need bulk materials delivered to your home or work site, contact us to schedule a delivery.

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