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Nothing says summer like a healthy, lush yard. A beautiful lawn takes work, dedication, and regular watering, but it’s always worth it the minute you step outside. Splawn Sales can help get your lawn in shape for summer. Whether you’re starting fresh with a new plot of land or looking to repair some damage, we have the best sod for sale in the Tyler area.

Selecting Grass & Sod In East Texas

Purchasing sod and repairing or rebuilding your lawn is both an investment of time and money. It pays to know what kind of grass grows best in the area, and what kind of grass your property will be able to sustain.

East Texas lawns thrive when planted with warm-season grasses, like St. Augustine. These perennial grasses are best planted during the spring when the growing season begins. During the winter, most of the warm-season grasses will go dormant and lose color.

Each species of grass thrives in different types of soil. They’ll also withstand different amounts of traffic. In the end, keeping a beautiful, lush lawn comes down to selecting the right species of grass for your property and your family.

If you’re not sure what kind of sod is best for your property, the team at Splawn Sales can help you pick the perfect sod for your soil, shade, and needs.

Sod Grass For Sale In Athens, tx

Our inventory of East Texas grass and sod is all farm-grown. We select our sod for its health and color.
We have a selection of different shades, so if you’re looking for a particular shade of green we can oblige.

St. Augustine Grass

St. Augustine is one of the most popular grasses in East Texas. It provides a thick carpet of grass that doesn’t leave room for weeds to grow. It doesn’t seed very well, though, so if you start getting bald spots you’ll need to resod.

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Bermuda Grass

Bermuda Grass is native to tropical and subtropical regions around the world. It’s incredibly resistant to drought, heat, and salt. It requires a lot of sun to thrive, though, so if your property has a lot of trees it may struggle.

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Site Preparation? Splawn Sales Has You Covered

If you need help getting your site prepared to lay sod, Splawn Sales has you covered. We’re able to clear plots and fill in ditches and holes.
We’ll leave you with a nice, flat surface for you to lay sod and start building a beautiful, lush yard.

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