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Farm-raised selections of grass are available, so that you can pick the exact shade of green you want for your yard, or the qualities of your grass to ensure that maintenance of your lawn is comfortable for you. Sod is sold by the pallet and there are 450 square feet of sod on a pallet.

Raleigh St. Augustine $170.00
Zoysia $225.00
Celebration Bermuda$170.00


A hardscape is the man-made portions of your yard, such as the stone paths and decorative rocks, that serve as the harder contrast. The pricing is per ton and there are 2000 lbs. in a ton. You can also get flagstone by the piece, please call for pricing. All flagstone available in 3".

Colorado Flagstone1" - $355
2" - $340
2” Blue-Brown Flagstone (also available in ½")1" - $250
2" - $225
2” Cherokee Flagstone (also available in ½")1" - $250
2" - $225
2” Hickory Flagstone (also available in ½")1" - $250
2" - $225
2” Multiblend Flagstone (also available in ½")1" - $250
2" - $225
Laydown Slabs$325
Stand-up Slabs$380

Bagged Products

Organic alternatives are available so that your plants can be healthy with a minimum of chemical additives. Pricing for our bagged products is by the yard.

Mulch                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     $40/yard
Top Soil [regular]/ Top Soil [organic]                                                                                                                                                                                                                    $20/$45
Potting Soil                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         $50/yard

Chopped Stone

If you need to add a stone path or add a decorative rock appeal to your home or yard, hardscape materials are available for your project. To get your decorative rock come to Splawn Sales! The pricing is per ton and there are 2000 lbs. in a ton. You can also get chopped stone by the piece, please call for pricing.

Austin Chop $160.00
Austin Wall Blocks $185.00
Oklahoma Chop (available in Blue-Brown, Cherokee, Hickory & Multiblend)$250.00
Nicotine Chop $170.00

Bulk Products

Over 30 different types of bulk material is available for delivery right to your home, saving you the trip. The selection includes heavy items like masonry sand, decomposed granite and soil, so you can be sure to get what you need for your yard project. Our bulk products are sold by the cubic yard.

Keep in mind that we have a 6 yard minimum for deliveries! 

Decomposed Granite $85.00
1” Crushed Granite $68.00
½” Crushed Granite $65.00
3” Crushed Granite Rock $68.00
1.5” Crushed Rock $68.00
Masonary  Sand $45.00
Crushed Limestone $45.00
Pea Gravel $48.00
Regular Topsoil $20.00
Organic Topsoil $45.00
Shredded Hardwood Mulch $40.00
1” Gravel $58.00
2-3” Iron Ore $65.00
2-4” Alpine Creek Rock $120.00
2-4” Brown Creek Rock $95.00
3-6” Brown Creek Rock $120.00
6-12” Brown Creek Rock $125.00
2-6” Creek Rock $75.00
2" Colorado Creek Rock$250.00
2-4" Colorado Creek Rock$250.00
4-8" Colorado Creek Rock$275.00
Bedding Soil $50.00
4x8 Limestone Rip Rap$75.00

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