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Beautiful backyards have two key components: the hardscape and softscape. The softscape is all of your plants--grass, shrubs, flowers, and other plant life. The hardscape comprises all of the man-made parts of the yard, like the deck, patio, and paths. A good landscape design considers both parts equally.

You can use any number of materials in the man-made parts of your landscape. Of course, cement is popular, but flagstone, limestone, river rock, and other gravel are becoming more popular every day. Whatever your hardscape goals are, Splawn Sales can help. We’re the premier store for hardscape supply in the Tyler area, and we offer bulk stone in various styles and colors.

If you’re working on a hardscape project, call us or stop by our store and visit with some of our experienced professionals. We’ll be able to get you the quality products you need and advise you about how to move forward and complete your project successfully.

Bulk Landscape Rock In Athens, Tx


Flagstones are an elegant material that can be used for paths, patios, decking, and any other flat part of your landscape. Splawn Sales has a wide selection of flagstones available, and our experienced landscape technicians will be able to help you select the best ones for your project.

Stone Slab

Some don’t prefer the organic look of flagstone pathways and patios. For those people, stone slab hardscapes may be appealing. Stone slab is used chiefly for large portions of hardscapes, like decks and patios, and can provide a more streamlined, modern look to your yard.

Decorative Stone

For the upright parts of your hardscape, like retaining walls, Splawn Sales offers a variety of cut stones, bricks, and other decorative stones. The experienced professionals at Splawn Sales will be able to help you plan your project, select your stone, and advise you how best to install it.

Sandstone & Limestone

Both sandstone and limestone can add the kind of color and variety that will tie together your entire yard. Splawn Sales offer a variety of sandstone and limestone to help you design and build your dream landscape.

Bulk Gravel & Bulk Stone In ATHENS, TX

Large or small, Splawn Sales is dedicated to helping East Texans complete their landscaping projects. If you’re in the middle of a total redesign, we can help. We offer both bulk stone and bulk gravel in the Tyler area.

We offer decomposed granite, river rock, flagstones, chopped stone, and more in bulk. We offer all the great colors and varieties our customers have come to expect at excellent prices. Don’t complete your project piecemeal. Contact us today to purchase bulk stone and have it delivered to your home or worksite.

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