Organic Landscaping Products in Athens, tx

Organic soils and more

Do you want to have a minimum of chemicals in your soil? Are you worried for the health of your garden or yard? Organic alternatives are available so that your plants can be healthy with a minimum of chemical additives.

Your healthier plants

When you use organic products from Splawn Sales, you can count on healthier plants with fewer chemicals and other problems.

Organic choices

Grass and construction work

Palletized sod and professional construction work is available so that you can complete the perfect yard.

Vital Earth Resources Bags

  • Better Bark Mulch - $5.00/2 cu ft.
  • Rasied Bed Garden Mix - $14.50/2 cu ft.
  • Azalea Planting Mix - $11.55/2 cu ft.
  • Shredded Hardwood Mulch - $5.30/2 cu ft.
  • Ready Rose Mix - $5.35/1.5 cu ft.
  • Premium Potting Soil - $5.60/1 cu ft.

Organic alternatives to the bulk fillers you need for your yard or garden.

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